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Bright Minds Home Childcare

Where kids play, learn and grow together!



Only pre-approved people with photo identification may pick-up your child.


Our staff is trained in emergency preparedness for natural disasters, fires, and all crisis situations.

We have an evaculation plan and kit.

We practice our evaculation plan and hold monthly fire drills.


Our meal plans follow USDA standards so your child is offered nutritious foods.

All perishable food is refrigerated.

We separate breast milk from formula.

Food Allergies

We are peanut-free and nut-free.

All child allergies are documented and posted in the classrooms.


We use safety gates and electrical plugs.

We are a smoke-free childcare.




Parent Notification

Parents are kept informed via our text messaging, email Emergency Alert System for closings and emergency information.


We have dedicated, friendly staff who are trained in early childhood development and education.

All of our staff is CPR/First Aid/SIDS Certified.

All of our staff have a proven and impeccable background check.

All of our staff has passed a child neglect/abuse investigation.


Our childcare has a state of the art security and emergency preparedness system.with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

We have a parent-access webcam so that parents my view their child at any time and have peace of mind that their child is doing well.



To ensure that children are protected,we require a doctor's note for any medication, prescription or over-the-counter medication given to a child.

Medications are stored securely out of reach of children.


We clean our childcare each day with safe, non-toxic cleaning products.

Diapering is conducted in an area separate from children's play areas.

Cleaning supplies are locked safely out of reach of children.


We notifiy parents when a child does not feel well to help prevent an illness from spreading.